A collective based in Essex for the creation and appreciation of electronic music, visual arts and performance

We return to Radio City Social for Beton Brut 02

Béton Brut returns to Radio City Social on Saturday the 28th of September. Béton Brut 01, held in May 2024, was well received by both RCS regulars and fans of the darker sides of electronic music. Word has since spread across musicians and connoisseurs since the event was held, so make sure to put the date in your diary for something genuinely unique happening in Chelmsford.

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How we set up Stark and Sixth Circle at Underground Resistors

On the 4th April Stark (David Gooday and Simon Granger) & Sixth Circle (BrokenAtoms and Social Conduct) fired up the machines for a masterclass in improvised performance. Expertly programmed beats intertwined with spell binding rhythms that kept us amazed and entertained for the best part of 2 hours.

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7pm till 11pm


We return to Voodoo Keller Bar for another night of improvised electronics featuring another 4 specially selected artists.

7pm till Midnight


This is an open call to all the electronic music producers of Essex….


It doesn’t matter how much you may have spent on a set of studio headphones or monitors, nothing quite compares to hearing your music in a club on a loud soundsystem.

7pm till 11pm


An Evening of Electronic Music for Industrial Purpose. Brokenatoms and Social Conduct both from Resonance, team up with Richard Hindle (Instrument of Darkness and member of Hell Feeder) to present an evening of live performance Industrial Music.



Underground Resistors 03

13th June 2024


A snippet of the improvised live set from Qubik, Nick Smith, Brokenatoms and Kontort.


The full version is available on our Patreon page

Radio: Listen Back

Oscillate Live: MetroGlow – 20th July 2023

Inspired by the works of the early electronic pioneers, his music is a nod to a by gone era whilst being set very firmly in the 21st century. Tinges of synthwave, Krautrock, electronica and trip hop are all present.

His prolific output has lead to radio plays across the world as well as a number of live performances in our City.

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